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Dr. Phillips is a healer, teacher, and author.

After graduating from Tufts medical school and training in Boston, Dr. Phillips first practiced Emergency Medicine in a small community hospital in the mountains of Western Maine. He enjoyed outdoor activities – skiing, hiking, and golf. Being in nature was therapeutic for the spirit.

Over the years, Dr. Phillips realized medicine should develop a model based on treating the whole person and promote wellness. He studied Holistic Healing practices outside Western Medicine. He acquired knowledge and understanding in areas Western science ignored. Dr. Phillips discovered an ancient spiritual healing practice. The practice can be used to maintain physical and emotional health and treat illness. Dr. Phillips developed a Holistic view of human health.

Dr. Phillips office is in the Portland, Maine area. He specialized in Preventive and Integrative Medicine and Medical Acupuncture. He has a Master’s Degree in Public Health and is Board Certified by the American Board of Preventive Medicine. He trained in Medical Acupuncture at the Helms Institute in Berkley, California. He studied Asian Medicine, Tibetan Medicine, Jungian Psychology, Mythology, Spiritual Traditions, Religion, and Art.

David likes the seashore and recreation in the mountains. He enjoys skiing, hiking, and golf. His interests are travel, cooking, studying Holistic Healing, world cultures, spiritual traditions, and Art.

Katherine Wood is a Reiki Master, student of life, and author. She has extensive experience in Health Care Administration. Katherine majored in English at the University of Southern Maine. She studied  Jungian Psychology, Mythology, Spiritual Traditions, Religion, and Art.

Katherine enjoys gardening, cooking, meditation, yoga, and her grandchildren. She loves to read, travel, and explore new destinations.

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